Something like Grey Gardens

 What do you think could I have become a greatdancer? You think that I just should have accepted that job?

I still read that man´s horoscope with whom I went out twenty years ago. If I would have had children they would looked like just like me. Look! I love this outfit. Next summer if we’re all living I think a vegetable garden would be a good thing in here. I haven’t been out of this goddamn horrible place in two years. I suppose I don’t get out of here till she dies or I’ll die.


Work which takes place in a apartment in Helsinki.

Inspired by famous document Grey Gardens where

middle aged daughter lives with her mother in a run

down mansion.

 In the group Jenni Kivelä, Henna Hakkarainen, Eira Virekoski, Johanna Storm, Anniina Veijalainen

Pictures Aino Kannisto

Premiere 29.10. 2015 Kruununhaka, Helsinki



Jenni ja Kiltit ihmiset (en)
Tulossa (en)
Teokset (en)
Vakituiset vieraat (en)
Kiertueella (en)
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