Strange Plant

Strange Plant is an offbeat solo, a children’s performance for adults, somewhat cloudy but without rain. The naivistic protagonist is a human houseplant. The last of its species, Strange Plant marvels at the spring, camouflages itself, finds dead animals in the garden, and explores its dark side. The performance is a mix of tragicomedy and seriousness.

Choreography, texts, performance Jenni Kivelä

Dramaturgy Eira Virekoski

Sound Pauli Riikonen

Light and space Mia Kivinen

Costume and space Liisa Pesonen

Lenght 40 minutes

Language English


Supported by Taike, Samuel Huber, Helsinki City

Jenni ja Kiltit ihmiset (en)
Tulossa (en)
Teokset (en)
Vakituiset vieraat (en)
Kiertueella (en)
Yhteystiedot (en)
Pressi (en)