Stolen Goods

How to make a version from Pina Bausch\'s work for thirty people with three? Without the long hair?
How to fast-forward all the beginnings you have danced on stage?
What is possible and allowed to steal from somebody else\\\'s work? Why to
do that? What a Rosas dancer might think on stage?
What bits and pieces I would like to take with me to a desert island from the works I love?
Reconstruct the old, document things from your memory.What belongs to whom? And what is my own and me in this world?

Choreography Jenni Kivelä

Dancers Soile Voima / Laura Norppa, Aino Voutilainen, Jenni Kivelä

Lights and set design Pekka Pitkänen

Sound design Johanna Storm

Costume design Liisa Pesonen

Premiere 10.11.2012 Valve-sali, Oulu

Production Jojo Oulun Dance Centre and Kind People

Lenght 50 minutes



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