Kleine Monster


Kleine Monster is a performance about female monsters, aggression, shame, and greed; about fantasies and princess games of grown-up women. It is inspired by drawings of visual artist Stiina Saaristo, in which she portrays herself as exaggeratedly ugly, large and grotesque.  What is aggression, and what do we need it for? Is there a dark side to each of us? An unpredictable shithead tyrant?

Is it okay if I tell you straight that this salary is not enough for this work?
Is it okay if I put my feet on your side?


Choreography, direction Jenni Kivelä 

Performers Jonna Eiskonen, Niina Hosiasluoma, Kristiina Viiala, Soile Voima 

Dramaturgy Eira Virekoski Sound Johanna Storm Light Pekka Pitkänen Costumes Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila 

Production Zodiak and Kind People

Premiere 21.1.2015 


Jenni ja Kiltit ihmiset (en)
Tulossa (en)
Teokset (en)
Vakituiset vieraat (en)
Kiertueella (en)
Yhteystiedot (en)
Pressi (en)